A Tower of Recurring Nightmares (M!A-Driven Starter)

A damn nightmare.

It just has to be a nightmare… but it’s not.

It’s back.

Rushing towards the newly-risen tower that was once thought to be sealed away by the individual himself, with his monochrome dual blades Minato shooked his head again and again in denial. It can’t be! For three years, the Dark Hour caused by this structure has not fallen upon the world thanks to his doing. The one hour that altered time and space, transmorgifying people without the ‘potential’ as easy prey for Shadows had been nonexistent no longer plagued the world; an outbreak finally cured. But seeing its return caused him to panic, more so with the strange number of people he sensed from inside. What are they doing in there!? This is really bad…!

Reaching the gigantic doorway, Minato wasted no time cutting through his path, not bothering to open the door traditionally and instead slice it open with a myriad of slashes, only to be met with a battalion of demons ready for war and to feast on the one who sealed them away. It looked and felt the same as it did back in 2009, yet the lingering unpredictability that the Shadow-infested skyscraper still stayed such as presently. . It never left. With ten lives on the line in a race against time, he had to rescue them as fast as possible. With his eyes glowing a bright cyan with the activation of the Universe Arcana, he called out to the hostages of the building.

"Minna! Ochitsuite, dekiru dake shadō kara nukedasu! Watashi wa tasukeru tame ni kite iru!"