❝Defying Death
a hero who was never meant to live

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To live is to--

                                                --continue choosing.


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                       Let's Survive

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Blue Spring」 by u.u

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           ”…You don’t remember how the sun feels?” No way. There’s no way a child this young could forget how the warmth the star millions of light-years away would grace her skin. Unless…?

           ”Hey… Your name’s Menma, right?” He approaches in his usual demeanor, calm and collected that perfectly hides his puzzlement. “What did you mean when you said you want to remember how the sun feels…?”

          ——oh, had she said that out loud? it was quite the air headed move, but then again, she was a ditz about choosing her words wisely. she had long forgotten that people could see her—talk to her, reply in ways that often confused them about what she meant in such past tensed phrases. this boy obviously noted that, which quickly caused a sheepish demeanor to cross her ghostly pale features.

         “  a-ahhh, etto— … menma means what menma means, you know! i don’t really understand either. i can’t .. really feel much of anything, heat or cold. sometimes i wonder why when i can do other things, but .. maybe that’s just how it works,  ” now she was rambling about, but the inquiry—none who rarely asked—left her perplexed and anxious. he knew, didn’t he? he had a feeling from the start.
         quiet laugh then slipped past her lips, cheeks gone ablaze with reddish tint. how could she tell someone that she had died?that she was no longer apart of this world, nor should even have come backit was simply off putting to the spirit.

                     “  —i .. i suppose i don’t really explain it. gomen.  

        Thoughts were running wild, not quite able to process what the little girl had just said. The concept of death was something he never planned on fully understanding, but he knew the simplest rule— if you die, you die off for good, lest fate cruelly ties you to something and brings you back. He knows this himself first hand, as he wasn’t supposed to be standing on the earth beneath his feet right now. Maybe breaking the laws of life and death were much more common since his passing, and only he didn’t realize that change?


           ”…I guess I get where you’re coming from. You can’t really explain something that has no solid reason.” He speaks with no additional tone, only a trace of a mix of sympathy and reluctance laced within his words. If she had gone through the same pain— the pain of experiencing death— then it was alright for him to impart the secret he keeps the world from learning about him. “I mean, I’m not really supposed to feel the sun myself. I lost that right four years ago, and now suddenly— I feel warm again.”




           ”…You’re not bringing the coat I lent you for the week?” That was the first thing he noticed from the Red Princess— his Scepter Four coat that he wore for work was not draped over her shoulders— when he was expecting her to bring it along for the road trip. If only the others were not asleep, he would’ve asked her to bring it along since Iwatodai has breezes almost every day of the year— the benefits of living in a seaside city. So, he improvises by giving her the black coat he’s currently donning, placing them onto their shoulders before explaining.

           ”…Iwatodai’s a windy city. It’s a seaside area, so it can get a little chilly.” A hand takes hold of one of the Strain’s own, guiding her to his car like a real gentlemanly husband would to his wife. “C’mon. Let’s go before traffic gets us.”


                              —- Anna shook her head to him when he asked about the coat, having not really wanted to bring it along and get it either lost or hurt in any way. Even though she liked asking for them, she’d keep them in as good of a condition as they came to her in so that when the owner required it again, they wouldn’t have to worry about pieces ripping or anything of the matter happening to it. She took good care of whatever people gave her. The new jacket placed on her made her blink and make a ’ uweh ’ noise trying to adjust it over herself. Another large coat on her very small form.

                                         Though after she has her little arms through the sleeves, she’s able to take his hand with her own and she’s more than able to follow him outside towards his car. And when he mentioned the traffic, the female broke a small chuckle to herself —- was that what he was worried about? Cars? Mikoto would have been worse and she knew that~


           He was a little worried about the car for a lot of reasons— one of which is the fact that his car was categorized as a supercar. A simple mistake on the gear or on the gas pedal could send the both of them speeding that could result in an accident. For one, a car accident involving Death took the lives of both his parents during his early childhood, and since then any accidents or deaths involving cars became very sensitive triggers for the Persona-user; seeing one almost immediately results to a hyperventilating Minato having flashbacks of the horrid passing they did not deserve to have, and their final goodbye to the son who would go on to save and forever change the world.

           Thankfully, the two hour trip from Shizume to Iwatodai did not go without a hitch, following all traffic rules and not freaking out when they had passed the bridge going into the city, and the site where the ‘freak accident’ occurred many, many years ago— Moonlight Bridge. A few more turns around,  including a quick stop to a flower shop to buy a beautiful boquet of blue flowers, and they had arrived in their destination— a memorial graveyard park, probably the last place Anna would expect. “Anna-chan, we’re here. You can go down first, I have something else to get in here.”




     {} Both hands were stretched out in front of him, and in a monochromatic pair of shines, his famous pair of blades appear now being held with a vice grip on their respective handles. 

           The black blade that hands down death at day’s end— Death By Midnight, and the white saber that gives life to the deserving— Radiant Resurrection, now stand in tandem as the Persona-users gives multiple swings of each blade in the air before taking ready with his battle stance.

          “…So I’m going to be fighting against one of the members of the legendary Class Zero…” Minato mumbles, but not without interest. “This is going to be fun. Bring it, Cinque!


   Even as she leaned to whisper secrets to the coveted he she never did break eye contact. And though the smirk was there and the air still playful (around her in the very least) each move he made was judged under eyes suddenly more critical then they were mere seconds ago. They still sparkled though, that devilish streak never left but increased in times of combat.
   Didn’t he know swords were so last season?
Slowly did she remove herself from the cozy spot she’s nestled herself in the rotting metal of her faithful companion and less slowly, as gravity was cruel when it came to ripping two apart, he tumbled and tumbled and-   ! A crash as he hit the ground and a rumble as the ground hit back shaking the field of battle.
Cinque never makes the first move!”


           While he never takes his opponents for granted, what made him raise a brow was Cinque’s never-dissipating smirk on her lips. He didn’t know whether it was to psyche him out from making the first move or it was a sign that her playfulness was still going to show during their clash. Twin blades were held with a tighter grip, a little bit unsure whether to just charge in quickly to test out the battlefield’s water.

            Although plan was immediately changed when the fifth of Class Zero had smashed her mace to the ground, resulting in an unexpected earthquake that made him lose footing for a split second. Maybe it was a good idea not to charge in like that if she can cause tremors to shake the ground with just one swing of her weapon— had one of his swords clashed with that much pure force, there could have been a chance that it would break into pieces.

           Nevertheless, one of them had to make the first strike, and with Cinque’s proclamation he took it as an invitation to attack. Someone had to break the stalemate— and she’s inviting him to. Oh, why the hell not? As a ploy to get her confused on what to do, the Persona-user flipped himself into the air, charging his blades with their respective energy affiliation— Light for Radiant Resurrection, and Dark for Death By Midnight— before slashing them down in a crossed manner, sending it straight towards the Class Zero student. Almost immediately after it was sent speeding towards her, it was him to charged this time, both swords at the ready to attack and intercept.

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Its about having fun and growing into your muse and expanding your character

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           ”…What? That was you in a nutshell.”


"It’s different when it’s you! You aren’t supposed to see me that way! I don’t want her to think I’m trying to steal you!"

           ”…Dea. Once upon a time two years ago, you told me that instead of spending quality time with Miki and Maya, you indulged yourself in chocolate and went berserk with your libido. I know how strong your drive is, don’t you fool me.” That last part of the statement made him raise an eyebrow.  ”And— who’s ‘her’? Who are you referring to?”



"Minato-kun! I see you liking that picture!"

           ”…What? That was you in a nutshell.”

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( spit it out loser )

           ”…Bacon is magic.”

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" S - Spit it out ! "

           ”We’re going on a shopping trip!”

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           ”You’re under arrest.”

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Spit it out

          “…The world is going to end in three days.”

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