power series — water manipulation [ˈwôtər məˌnipyəˈlāSHən] 

the ability to control, generate and/or absorb water and moisture. users may move and shape bodies of water to their desire based on their skill level, which varies depending on their natural born mutation and time the user takes to develop it. although water manipulation is often considered one of the safest powers to possess, if not trained properly, those blessed with it may cause massive destruction to that which surrounds them. if trained properly and excessively, water manipulators may bend liquids to serve as a weapon, and may even begin to breach the surface of other powers, such as ice, weather and blood manipulation. although users are often as dormant as a pond in one’s backyard, if antagonized, consequences may prove to be deadly. 
power series — fire manipulation [fīr məˌnipyəˈlāSHən] 
the ability to generate, manipulate and/or absorb fire. the user’s capabilities are unlocked by training their mutation to grow more powerful; for example, they may develop their ability so as to be able to light their body on fire without being burned themselves, though this requires a high skill level and natural tolerance. those gifted with fire manipulation are naturally resistant to fire damage—however, should they push past their developed power limit, they may begin to suffer damage from their flames, risking serious injury and possible fatality. 


legendasalvatoris replied to your post:"Anna-chan… I’m back… Sorry for being away for a long time."

He knew how unfair it was in the Red King’s part— it could’ve been her beloved Tatara, or her only red Mikoto, where she was the closest to. No words followed as the newly revived knight went to Anna, knelt down and hugged her as if scared to leave.


              Anna couldn’t bring herself to return it now — but when he hugged her, she was almost assuring herself that this wasn’t real any more than Mikoto was anymore. Death had always been so unkind, and this was probably even worse… when it could have brung back someone she loved more than anything in this entire world … when it chose to brought back someone not her own. It almost made her cry — had she not been so icy as she was now, for a Red King.

                  ” … “

                         If he was being honest with himself, he could probably feel the same unfairness the Red King was thinking of. Death was nothing, if not a very cruel mistress that had given him pain no man should probably experience from at the tender age of six to the blooming age of seventeen. Friends, family— even himself— no one was spared from her lethal caress. Sure, he was surprised and glad that he managed to turn the tables and cheat Her by breaking free and reforming the Great Seal, but a question had always lingered at the deepest part of his mind; one that had given him a lot to think about, and one that had always left him wondering with regret—

.                         My original job’s done here, so I shouldn’t be here… But why me, of all people to bring back…? I know my new role, but…

                         ”…I know you’re probably disappointed… You were expecting Suoh or Totsuka; you got me, a Blue, instead.” The revived knight pushed himself away from the hug, perfectly understanding her silence or her lack of return in the hug. Instead, gloved hands took her soft palms and held them together, as if a lowly peasant was asking for forgiveness from his King. “…But I could let you talk to them for a short while… Though, I haven’t tried summoning spirits other than Personae, so I  don’t know if I can last long, or even bring them. Will you be fine with that…?”


Based on the song Luvoratorrrrry after watching this MMD. 

            ᴘᴀʏ ᴀᴛᴛᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴ.

            and I will  ~; demonstrate ;~  to you, why

                    ——— s ᴛ ᴏ ʀ ᴍ s ♛——

                                           are named after

                                「 ᴘ ᴇ ᴏ ᴘ ʟ ᴇ.

azul-tragedy asked:
At first: I don't really know this muse or persona but hey he interacts well with Aqua and the mun seems chill why not. Now: So why haven't we rped a lot more already you're awesome. 8l And you're drowning me in feels yes good that's what I need.

I think a few other people I crossover ship with can attest to what you feel, Tabs. The moment I start drowning someone in feels, there’s no escaping me anymore.

"I am lonely. I’ve been like that since I was young. But I think I am a person that needs to be lonely."

— Choi Seunghyun  (via doreishounen)

and it sits clogged in your throat.


Like the one before it, this is a remix of Endless Despair II with the L.A. Vocal Track. Check his Youtube. Enough said.

Anonymous asked:
First impression: A promising (and well established) young rper, though I find you over zealous. Which isn't really a bad thing, it just means you like what you do, and you do it well, so go on with your bad self~ Now: A bit of the same, but again you're still young, the lessons will come with time.

                         Yeah, I’ll admit— I do get overzealous time and time again. I tend to do that so I make sure I really enjoy what I’m doing. It’s a motto I live by, both in my career as a roleplayer and in real life:

                         If it’s not worth enjoying, it’s not worth doing.

Your First Impression of Me vs Impression of Me Now (Anonymous or Not)