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OP 16 Song - Silhouette

Schoolwork has begun taking up most of my time again (it’s Midterms season), so I’ve been up to the brim with academic works. Not to mention that for the past few weeks, there’s been anxiety building up inside my head and it’s begun to affect me for the past week or so.

(I haven’t talked to one of my best friends in a good while so maybe that’s the reason…? I think. I don’t think this is gonna go away soon, though… Huh. Never knew I had an anxiety trigger.)

I’m more accountable in activity on Skype now, but replies here on Tumblr will have to wait, until I can get some of my heavier workload and my damn anxiety off of my mind and shoulders. 

caelestisxleo asked:
"You smell rather strange for a human, or are you human at all I wonder?"

                         ”I don’t know. You tell me— what do I smell like?”

Zankyou no terror - Tokyo scenery

                                             ‘ i           don’t
                                             E    V    E    R 
                                             want    to   let
                                             you    down. ’ 




                         Minato may not have participated or even attended in festivals for a good while, but he’s never forgotten the joy of actually experiencing it. It was one of the few things that managed to break out a smile out of his former isolated, apathetic self— an achievement so rare even by his relatives (not even Minako had been able to break him out of a slump for ten years, save for a small twitch on the corner of his lips). Christmas, in particular, was one celebration he wouldn’t dare afford to miss. “…Then let’s make new experiences together, okay? I promise I’ll take care of you if you go with me on a few days.” Gloved hands— battle-hardened by skin but gentle by touch— went to take hold of Anna’s small pair, kneeling down before her as if a Queen’s right-hand knight was pleading her to let her life rest in his hands. “Knights are supposed to make their queens smile by their promises, right? You’re a queen by power, and I’m a knight by profession.”

          Anna distinctly recalled the festivals that she had attended at the side of her former King, clinging to his pants as they walked around or in more traditional occasions, to the cloth of his summer outfit even though she did also remember he didn’t like dressing up in that way. But Anna did — she remembered they gave her something really pretty to wear in the summer months and did her hair for her — and in the winter, they dressed her up warmly and she held the neck of someone as they walked around, sitting in their arms unless she wanted to be put down. As simple as it sounded, it was her favorite times — carefree and beautiful. So when he knelt and held the King’s hands, the child turned them to hold his in return, a determined kind of face placed over the worry. ” Then I want to go too. I want … to have fun too … ! ” She would tell him in a mild tone, though the smile lighting up her face gave away her direct and indirect feelings over the idea.


                         It was rather unfortunate that for nearly every Christmas since the death of his parents, he had to spend the season where family matters the most with only his twin sister and the friends he made in the orphanage of his aunt. Sure, it was joyous and cheerful, but the melancholy of not having a family lasted for over a decade later, until S.E.E.S. manage to alleviate the sting of past events. Now as he begins life anew and became the protector of the world as he wields the Universe Arcana, the least he can spend it is with people whom he can closely relate to and consider as the closest thing to a family. Kushina Anna is one prime example, and how her face lit up at the mention of having fun during the yuletide season infected him easily, a smile breaking his lips even more. “…Thank you. You won’t be disappointed.” The grip on her hands softened and firmed up, much like a father’s touch would, as he placed a light kiss on the forehead of the Red King, out of gratitude for accepting his invitation. He really needed this.

"How wonderful to be alive, he thought. But why does it always hurt?"

— Boris Pasternak, El doctor Zhivago (via wordsnquotes)
almardiente asked:
“Have no fear, Junpei's here!”

                         ”…I’m kinda surprised that you aren’t freaking out that this is the first time we’ve crossed paths in over four years.”


Heavy in Your Arms // Florence + the Machine

I was a heavy heart to carry
my beloved was weighed down
My arms around his neck
My fingers laced to crown

I was a heavy heart to carry
But he never let me down
When he had me in his arms
My feet never touched the ground

azul-tragedy asked:

                         ”…I’m not kidding when I said you look like my mom. The only difference was that she had longer hair and was mainly an archer.”

sykomuses asked:
[Homucifer > Both Minato and the Shadow] ಠ_ಠಠ_ಠ

image                         ”Y’know, if it weren’t for the bad blood between the both of us, you’d make a pretty good… and hot… friend.”

                         ”I’m going to say this flat-out— I’ve been fantasizing about you for the longest time…”

fortunainfinitus asked:

                         ”…Did your libido level go through the roof when that Grail thing got you? Jesus…”

songstressofghosts asked:

                         ”…Is it me, or are your breasts somewhat smaller than they are in your EGOIST music videos…?”

euroleplaying asked:

I see you’ve got all-new muses~ I’ll aim this one at…. Haru. I finished Akuma no Riddle months ago, anyway. Plus it’s super rare to see an AnR roleplayer nowadays, too. B)

                          “I know what it feels like to have a target on my back twenty-four-seven… The only difference is that assassins are just one of the many. You’re lucky you’ve got them only to deal with… I have it way worse than you do.”