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   Coughing up blood, Zero scowled while vigorously
            rubbing at her mouth in annoyance,
                      “fuck you, alright? It’s nothing.”

                         Although he did want to help out, the scowl from the intoner made the Persona-user think otherwise, instead stepping aside with a look of concern. “…Coughing up blood isn’t nothing.”

life doesn’t get easier, we just grow stronger


Im hearing voices from shadows inside me;

                                                           never sleep,
       My eyes are too focused,
                             too hopeless,
                                     too broken,
                                          too o p e n,
                                                  to notice. 



                         …Samurai Surrend— oh, god fucking damn it, Iori! 


                         ”…Please don’t do either of those. You’re going to embarrass yourself trying to attempt any of the two things. You already got me down the first time around.”

« ▬▕ ✿❋✿ ✧✧ ;;


« ▬▕ ✿❋✿ ✧✧ ;; And so she tries hard from preventing a chuckle to escape her lips. From his reaction she could see he’s embarrassed.
"ᴬᶫʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉᶰ﹔ ᶦᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ˢᵃʸ ˢᵒ⋅"
                                    Why do I even find this amusing? Oh wait…

                        Of course he was going to be embarrassed out of annoyance. When the Samurai Surrender gag first happened nearly five years ago, it went on non-stop for weeks. It finally met its end at the hands of Kirijou Mitsuru and her (in)famous frozen prison ‘execution’. “It’s as embarrassing and amusing as you think, given that you’re trying to stifle a chuckle.”

Blue-Haired Boy vs Black Swordsman




                         ”You may have that title, but never count out your opponent so easily… I’ve learned the hard way too many times— I’m giving you that warning out of first-hand experience. If you’re not careful, I’m going to be the second person to ever beat you.”


          “Don’t count me out so early pal.
          I only lost that fight because he 
          cheated. My girlfriend, and myself,
          were one of the most deadly sword-
          masters ever. But if you want to try,
          I’m not against a small spar.”

A chuckle left the boy’s lips as he 
looked the other over with a mere
raised eyebrow, both the {{Black
Elucidator}} and the {{Dark Repulser}}
sheathed on his back already as he 
waited for the other’s choice. Obviously,
Kirito wouldn’t fight for keeps. This 
other man wasn’t evil; or so it seemed.
He wasn’t Laughing Coffin, or anything as 
bad, so he was neutral to the Black 

                         ”I saw that match— he raised that Liberator tower shield far too fast than it normally should… Something’s up, for sure. You’re the original owner of «Dual Blades», you have to find out how to out-speed that.” At the veteran-yet-deceivingly-young age of thirty-four years old, the times he’s spent fighting the darkest of beings, apprehending criminals most normal police officers couldn’t handle on their own, and the experience in handling not one, but two swords in reality, Minato knows when to use his battle-hardened senses— such as the battle between Kirito and Heathcliff, dubbed the Dual-wielding Demon versus the Living Legend— to learn about abnormalities and patterns that he can use against someone when he has to face them himself.

                         Nothing less was expected from the wielder of the Universe Arcana, and Scepter 4’s lieutenant known as the ‘Sapphire Phantom’. And in no way was he backing down to the only person in Sword Art Online who can wield two swords…

                         …or so most people think he was the only person. A hand took hold of the golden handle of the sword strapped on his back— the white Radiant Resurrection cutlass, famed in the real world for being paired up with a black straight sword  of the same length, named Death By Midnight. Holding it in an angle, the soldier took his stance, letting the white-as-snow blade stand at an angular parallel with his position. “…so come at me, if you think you can land a clean hit.

@ || ここ

don’t ℓσσк at me

                           unless you’re willing

                                                                 to look at a face

that has hurt

                      and has вℓє∂

                                              but has SURVIVED

                                you do not know me



"Careful with your words, son. It’s one thing to be confident, and it’s another to be cocky."


          “I’m not cocky, I just know I am
          one of the strongest swordsmen
          to live currently! I’ve only lost
          to one person, no one else!
          So yeah, I think I can take you,

                         ”You may have that title, but never count out your opponent so easily… I’ve learned the hard way too many times— I’m giving you that warning out of first-hand experience. If you’re not careful, I’m going to be the second person to ever beat you.”

Hanamonogatari: Sakura + Petals


"…Want me to cook you up something then? Hopefully that’ll lighten up your mood." Pretty much his shoulders slumped more than it should.


"Don’t give me a look like that. It just happens once in a while." Sayaka scratched her head. "I guess that’s fine though."

                         ”…Just smile when you can, okay?” Stepping back, a turn made him prompt towards the kitchen. He doesn’t need an apron— all he had to do was just roll back his coat’s sleeves. “I hope you like some shoyu ramen.”



A young girl can be seen hiding inside the jungle gym. In her hands, there’s a styrofoam cup with a string attach to the bottom of it. At the end opposite end of that string sits another cup just outside the maze of bars with a small note that says “say something”. Someone please humor the poor child. 

                         Thankfully, someone does as he chose to pass by the shrine’s playground! Minato, ever with a keen eye despite his slouched back and apathetic appearance, managed to pick up the note that was requesting anyone to, as the paper says— ‘say something’. He already had an idea who was on the other end of the makeshift telephone. “…How long have you been in there?”